Our Company

Core Values:


At CMI, it is all about happiness, where we emphasize on the interaction between ourselves, guest, and customer over the duration of the relationship. Here at CMI, we do what we love and we do it together like a family, making a positive impact to our community, while delivering world class customer experience. Our driving force is simply to ensure everyone has a great experience with us.


We are a purpose driven organization, where our entire business model is built upon the 4 pillars of happiness.

propagate talents

PROPAGATE TALENTS – At CMI, people have always been the dearest asset in our organization. Our motivation runs deep in matching the right people to their passion and nurturing these talents. We strive to unlock each hidden potential, unleash their unique talent and bring them to new heights.


make disciples

MAKE DISCIPLES – It is our ambition to touch everyone’s lives, to grow in relationship with GOD and with one another. Our ultimate goal is to inspire everyone to be committed to GOD and to make disciples.


TRANSFORMATION – To attain breakthrough in the traditional ways of tiling business, we must embrace changes in our own mind and heart in order to have self development. Through this determination, we will be able to ultimately transcend the entire tiling industry.


VALUE BASED ORGANIZATION – CMI culture is shaped by 10 core values shared among everyone within the organization. These ground rules establish the foundation and guiding principles for decision-making and a sense of community in both our personal and professional lives. We are optimisitc in finding the perfect balance between personal values and organization’s values to create a unified and motivate workforce, resulting in the fulfillment of “work life integration”.



COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE - aim for the best, never be satisfied with GOOD enough. Excellent is a habit not a goal. We welcome challenge with enthusiasm and go above and beyond the call of duty because it is who we are.

learn 1 thing a day

LEARN 1 THING A DAY – embrace oppurtunities to learn and improve. We invest in ourselves and in one another not just to grow as an organization but also as an individual. Though personal development and continuous improvement, we enrich in our lives and better prepared to tackle oppurtunities as they arise.


BE INNOVATIVE – be curious, adventurous, creative and continue to stay ahead of competition. Never be complacent and accept the norm, just because that’s the way things have always been done. Accept challenges with an open mind, and have fun exploring new possibilities to create innovative solutions on top of being efficient and effective.



COMPASSION – observe, listen, understand and assist. We seek communication among ourselves with the best intention in our hearts and with a selfless notion when we are doing so. It is the openness that reflects the honesty and truthfulness between the communicator and the attention given by the listener.


TRUST AND RESPECT – honor our commitments to whom we serve. We are often clouded by our judgment when it concerns our own benefits. Being “true” to yourself is the wisdom achieved for practicing integrity. It will guide us in making the correct choice and provide us with a reason for chasing nothing above and below this fine line. The greatest achievement is to obtain the openness and willingness among ourselves and be respected as a trustworthy person with virtue.


OWNERSHIP – we accept personal accountability to meet the business needs, improve our systems, and help others improve their effectiveness. We act like owners, treating the company’s assets as our own and behaving with the company’s long-term success in mind.

have fun at work

HAVE FUN AT WORK – Having a fun working atmosphere that is more lively, exciting and less stressful makes everyone more alert and active. Having fun at work relaxes our mind and sharpens our senses to power upour creativity and directly influences our worlk performace and environment.


WE CARE FOR EVERYONE LIKE FAMILY – we are a team and a family in a friendly, warm and positive environment. We support each other through the bad times and watching out for each other, the close ties pull us together to overcome any hurdles.


TEAMWORK – reliability, trust, encouragement. We demonstrate reliablity and follow through  on our promises and commitments. We develop trusting and open relationship with each other, our business partners and customers. We encourage an environment that supports, fosters and reward creativity.

fine details

EMPHASIZE ON FINE DETAILS – the level of care, passion, focus and attention narrows down to the emphasis on fine details, where breakthrough achievements, the greatest acts and outstanding products are created.  It can be as simple as crosschecking and reconstructing our entire work at the last minute in our effort to pursue perfection.